Have You Had Poor Results With Other Doctors?

It is important to find a well-trained, experienced physician like Dr. Martin, who practices vein surgery as a specialty, not merely as a sideline.

Over the years, Dr. Martin has treated hundreds of patients who were unhappy with the results of endovenous ablation procedures performed by less-experienced physicians.

Most of these patients still suffered unnecessarily from pain, swelling, unsightliness, and other symptoms of vein disease. Their veins persisted and worsened, or they recurred worse than before.

He has the training and experience to treat all of the diseased veins in your legs, not just the large ones.

Advanced Procedures Offer Patients The Following Significant Benefits

  • Increased satisfaction following the initial procedure
  • Greater immediate resolution of varicose vein problems
  • Reduced risk of blood-clot complications
  • Reduced medical fees because all procedures are done in one session
  • Less time away from work because there are fewer treatment sessions

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