When & How to Seek Professional Help

You Should See Dr. Martin For An Assessment If You Have Or Have Had Any Of The Following Conditions:

  • Blood-clot complications or hemorrhaging of your leg veins
  • Vein-related wounds (venous stasis ulcerations)
  • Varicose veins
  • Symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), such as discomfort, tiredness, pain, or swelling in your legs and feet

Dr. Martin has the training and the technology, including color flow duplex ultrasound capabilities, to make accurate assessments and prescribe the most effective treatments. Primary care physicians or other medical practitioners who do not specialize in the treatment of vein disease typically don’t.

Better Now Than Later

Leg vein disease is progressive. Left unattended, a few spider veins are likely to progress into many spider veins or, even worse, into varicose veins. If you have any of the conditions mentioned above, even if your symptoms are mild and non-debilitating, you should see Dr. Martin for an assessment and possible treatment.

Early intervention can slow the progression of disease and prevent future problems. It can also reduce the number of treatments required. Postponing treatments exposes you to increased risk of blood clot complications, including superficial phlebitis and the more serious deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

In years past, people tended to postpone leg-vein treatments as long as possible. There was some logic to that, because the older procedures were only marginally effective and often had to be repeated every few years.

But times have changed. Modern techniques treat the root causes of vein disease, so the results are comprehensive and durable. Most of Dr. Martin’s patients are pleasantly surprised to see how these treatments can relieve discomfort, eliminate disabilities, and give them more stamina on their feet. Often those who were disabled return to work and resume exercising.

Quality Of Life Is A Health Issue

Many spider vein patients, especially women, seek treatment primarily for cosmetic reasons. Some are so embarrassed about how they look in shorts, skirts, and sandals that they will wear heavier clothing to hide their legs, even in sweltering heat.

Unsightly legs and feet that curtail lifestyles and damage self-esteem are substantial health issues. If you have aesthetic concerns, there’s no advantage in postponing treatment. To gain maximum lifetime health benefits, sooner and younger is better. Treatments for varicose and spider veins typically provide both cosmetic and medical benefits.

What Type Of Physician Is Best?

Many different physicians in a variety of specialties are now treating vein diseases. However, Dr. Greg Martin is a board-certified surgeon with extensive knowledge of leg-vein anatomy and state-of-the-art surgical techniques. He has the knowledge and training to handle a wide variety of needs and to resolve any complications that might arise during treatment.

Medical information is expanding at an exponential rate. Because Dr. Martin specializes in the treatment of leg-vein disease, he keeps abreast of the latest advances for treating varicose and spider veins. He was one of the first physicians in the country to incorporate proven state-of-the-art techniques.

Some Words Of Caution

As the advances in vein medicine become more widely known and appreciated, quite a number of doctors are attempting to augment their income by adding vein treatments as an additional aspect of their practices. Some companies are even offering weekend workshops to teach doctors how to increase revenues by treating varicose and spider veins with the new laser or radio-frequency technologies.

This type of “dabbling” should be a concern to patients. Vein diseases are complex to treat, and the techniques are constantly evolving.

For many years Dr. Martin has been practicing vein medicine as a full-time specialty, not as a sideline. His extensive knowledge and experience allow him to give his patients the most competent and advanced care.

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